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I thought I knew all of the sites where my condo could be losing heat. The one that I did not guess is apparently the most obvious… Ever since I moved in this condo of mine, my utility bills have been astronomical. They’re slightly better now, however they’re still not great. As I moved in here not even a year ago, I don’t have the savings right now to buy a whole new Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system, so, I went through the condo top to bottom to eliminate anywhere a draft could be. I bought all current weather stripping for the doors & windows, & caulked any of the cracks or sites I felt air coming through. I worked on the interior of the condo looking for any sites where the walls had settled over time & needed to be resealed with spray foam insulation & looked around the air duct vents. I had no plan when I started, however the cracks around vents can be one of the  greatest & often overlooked areas of heating & cooling air loss, then finally, I called Heating, Ventilation, & A/C corporation when I could do no more. I had them look over the gas furnace & see if anything could be done. I had hoped a central heating tune-up would perhaps help things run more smoothly. He pointed out that while I’d done unbelievable work but I had not insulated the air duct. The gas furnace tune-up was particularly beneficial, as he did clean up the filters & insure the air duct was sealed & cleaned, but now that the air ducts are insulated, my heating bill is down to a manageable price.

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