I need something to keep me in shape

While I can survive this heatwave, it turns out my office cannot. I work from home, which I’m truly grateful for as I suffer from chronic health concerns that make most desk jobs impossible for me. My current home has everything I need to do work from home: I have high speed internet, my own private office where I can shut out my family when I need to take conference calls, and I even have a good chair for improved posture, but the only thing I don’t have is central air conditioner. That’s because I live far enough to the north that our summers here are short-lived! With only maybe a week of 90 degree weather, folks up here don’t see a reason to bother with central A/C or even window a/cs. However, this Summer has been brutal. We’ve had almost a month of weather close to 100 degrees. I’m okay in the heat, I just drink lots of water and take it easy until the sun goes down. My electronics however, are another story entirely. My pricey wireless router is overheating, the desktop keeps lagging due to overheating, even my smartphone is suffering. It got so bad that the heat was impeding my ability to do my work; So finally, I caved and decided to get a small window A/C unit. I was able to find one used pretty cheap online, and while its not great, it does exactly what I need. I keep my office closed and run it only at the peak hours, when my office gets overheated from the sun. With my new A/C unit, my office device is running smoothly again, so I can get back to work.

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