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I guess that my house my be haunted! There are some undoubtedly different things that happen. Truthfully it has me paranoid. I mean I assume I have no reason to be afraid of anything, even if my house is haunted. This happens all the time where out of nowhere, the room will become very chilly. This will happen even if the A/C is not running. This will even happen when I have the oil furnace turned on in the chilly seasons. So when I start feeling overly chilly, because the room dropped in temperature, I feel the need to turn on the oil furnace to make it warmer, and but then after I do that, a little while later it won’t be chilly any longer and I can’t understand how that happens. I have heard that in the presence of spirits, the temperature actually does drop rather dramatically. Other than that I have heard doors open and close without anyone being around and it undoubtedly freaks me out. There was a time when I thought my Heating and Air Conditioning system was on the fritz and it was chilling out of nowhere, but when I evaluated the Heating and Air Conditioning vents, there was no air even flowing. I couldn’t explain how the Heating and Air Conditioning system wouldn’t even be running and it would be perfectly hot and then be chilly abruptly. The only thing that makes sense to me is ghosts that are roaming my house. I assume it’s not the worst infestation to have in the world, although I undoubtedly don’t like that chilly feeling. It makes me feel rather uncomfortable and I constantly want to turn the oil furnace on. It’s crazy.

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