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Although it was a difficult decision, my partner, Mohammed, and I decided to sell our first home, and move out West to pursue our dream jobs. It was difficult to say goodbye to longtime friends, but I think, the hardest part was selling our house! Although our condo was beautiful plus my partner kept it up nice, both of us had a dilemma! Just as both of us were about to put our condo up for sale, our oil furnace quit. It was absolutely a surprise to us, and at first, we decided to just try to sell the condo without buying a new oil furnace since it was the middle of July at the time. After having various people comment that the only thing that was keeping them from buying the condo was the fact that there was no oil furnace, both of us decided to go ahead and purchase a new one. We asked around and searched for a couple weeks to make sure we were getting the best deal possible on a new oil furnace. After both of us finally decided on one, my Mom called and told us about a deal she found on a used oil furnace! Mohammed honestly wanted to buy a new one to ensure that it would run well, but the used one was worth looking into. After a lot of bargaining, both of us ended up with a very wonderful deal on the used oil furnace. We opted to go ahead and have it installed. Thankfully, it worked very well. Both of us sold the condo within three weeks of installing the oil furnace. We raised our asking price, but the couple was willing to pay what we were asking because we had updated the oil furnace.

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