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I had been thinking about installing a new air conditioning  unit in my home. There has been an odd smell in my home for the last couple of months.  The HVAC company has been out and they have cleaned my heat ducts and the ductwork, but I still have the odor.  They recommended I put an air purifier in the house to help clean the air and to improve my air quality, but I don’t have that kind of  money right now. I’ve scrubbed all of my carpeting, and I have even cleaned all of the drapery and washed down the walls, but nothing seems to be working to rid the house of the smell.  It seems to be a cross between wet dog and mildew. I don’t own a dog and I have a whole house dehumidifier, so I’m not sure where the mildew is coming from. I just know that my air quality is rapidly declining and I really need to find out why.  Last week, I called the HVAC company again. I told them they need to find a way that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg, to get rid of this horrible odor. I was due to have air conditioning unit cleaned and serviced and I asked them to come out and do it a couple of weeks earlier than normal.  When they serviced the air conditioning unit, they found that a small rodent had got lodged in the fan, where it died. The smell went away when they removed the dead rodent.

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