It’s always way too hot

Our marriage has been strained for the last few years; We had so many concerns with our relationship so we eventually made the decision to separate. We were no longer happy together! I decided to leave and get a condo downtown, and this condo was much closer to my job. I was not happy to live alone, but thought it would be good for my relationship with my husband. I did not want to go through with a divorce, but I thought some time apart might be good for us. The new condo of mine was so small. It was on the 7th floor of the building. There was no elevator, so I constantly had to take the stairs, but you may think that would be the worst thing about the apartment, but it wasn’t. The most bad thing about the condo was it’s lack of a/c. The lake house that I shared with my hubby had a central cooling system. It was consistently comfortable in our house. This condo was nothing like that. It was consistently way too hot. I had a bad time sleeping without a cooling system. I ended up buying a fan, but it did not help me at all. It basically blew the warm air around the condo. I knew that I should buy a window unit cooling system, but had no idea how I would get it up many flights of stairs. I could not believe that I went from a charming lake house with a central cooling system to a tiny condo with no elevator or A/C. It sounded like a nightmare.

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