I’m not sure what else I need

I had been thinking about installing a modern air conditioner  equipment in our home. There has been an different smell in our beach house for the last couple of weeks.  The Heating plus A/C contractor has been out plus they have cleaned our heat ducts plus the air duct, although I still have the smell.  They recommended I put an media air cleaner in the home to help wash the air plus to improve our air quality, although I don’t have that kind of  money right now. I’ve scrubbed all of our carpeting, plus I have even cleaned all of the drapery plus washed down the walls, but nothing seems to be working to rid the home of the smell.  It seems to be a cross between wet pet plus mildew. I don’t own a pet plus I have a whole home dehumidifier, so I’m not sure where the mildew is coming from. I just think that our air quality is abruptly declining plus I easily need to find out why.  Last week, I called the Heating plus A/C contractor again. I told them they need to find a way that isn’t going to cost myself and others an arm plus a leg, to get rid of this horrible smell. I was due to have air conditioner equipment cleaned plus inspected plus I asked them to come out plus do it a couple of weeks earlier than normal.  When they inspected the air conditioner unit, they found that a small rodent had got lodged in the fan, where it died. The smell went away when they removed the dead rodent.

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