I couldn’t be happier

Yard job isn’t just for the yard, it’s for your lake house, too! I had to learn this the hard way recently when I started renting a lake house that didn’t come with automatic landscaping care. This means I now have to mow, rake, and weed the entire yard. While I did this growing up a little bit, I never had to do it on our own before now; It’s entirely hard for me, plus getting my roommates to coordinate to get things done. All of our jobs have unusual schedules, so its entirely difficult to get everyone together. Recently, the two of us all had a entirely rough week at our careers, so the yard got a little bit out of hand. This was not helped by the fact that the HVAC system was broken. It was our sibling’s turn to weed the yard, however when I asked him if he did it, he said he was too busy to get it done. I walked down the side of the house. Sure enough, the weeks of heavy rain and tepid sun had made the weeds to begin surrounding the condenser. I had to get our yard gloves, the clipper, plus the weed wacker to get everything cleared. That wasn’t even including the time it took hose all of the bugs and dirt out of the heating and air conditioning unit. I was upset I would find wasps at a single point, but when it was all done, the cooling system was running correctly again.

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