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Recently, I had a awful run-in with mold; it took me almost six weeks to get rid of it because I couldn’t get to the source. The whole process made me evaluate the importance of indoor air pollen levels and what it meant to breathe healthy. Part of this process was finding a dehumidifier and an air purification system. I am a frugal man by nature, so originally I wanted something that could do both. Many dehumidifiers have a filter that you can disinfect, but the small quiet ones for a kitchen had a washable filter. I thought this was a great idea–a washable filter meant I didn’t have to buy filters. Eureka! Or so I thought. I did some further researching and realized that those dehumidifier filters wouldn’t do anything for my issue. While a washable filter was great and clearly would get some dust and dirt out of the air, it wasn’t enough. The filter size was too big to catch the finer things–they would slip through the holes and go right back into the air I was breathing! One of those finer things is mold spores. Only a HEPA air filter can really trap things such as mold spores and even dust mites to make a difference in your air. I bought a dehumidifier and a separate air purification system. In just a single week, I stopped coughing.Two weeks later, the sneezing was gone. And in several weeks, the musty smell had been reduced nearly to nothing! Now I just have to remember to constantly change our HEPA air filter as needed. While the HEPA air filters can be pretty extravagant, they are worth it for a better quality of life.

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