My body is too warm

So there used to be this little known secret about this resort in the middle of my state. As a little backstory, the summers in my area tend to be unforgiving at best. The temperatures linger in the nineties most of the day, and that starts in May and doesn’t end until early October. Summer is also when everyone loves to travel through my state to visit all the theme parks and cool resorts. One of these resorts was meant to be an all-inclusive hotel and “water park” for families and friends. Despite the appeal of being able to take a dip in the pool, the resort was always overcrowded! I remember the first time I went, I couldn’t even find a chair to leave my things while I went for a swim. Frustrated, I went into the hotel’s elevator to head back up to my room, and I noticed that there was a basement floor. With nothing better to do, I hit the button and traveled down. As soon as the doors opened, I was greeted by a gust of cool air from an air conditioner directly over the elevator doors! In front of me was an oasis – it was an indoor pool, which appeared to be heated due to the jets that were visible under the water. It was so cool and comfortable in this little indoor pool space that I started to shiver, so I didn’t even hesitate to put my things on one of countless empty chairs and jump right into the water. Sure enough, the pool was heated! Oh man, that was a glorious half hour of swimming along in that warm water, feeling how cool my head was when I came up for air. I’d spent so long swimming that I lost track of time, so I had to run back to the room and tell my friends about my discovery!

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