I have gotten so happy

My wife and I have been wanting to upgrade our heating and air conditioning equipment. For years, I’ve been waking up every morning in a sweat, having gotten little sleep. My wife would always say that it was just how I was, and I’ll always wake up sweaty. Meanwhile, every Winter, I’d wake up to the thermostat set to eighty degrees, and my wife happily snoozing at my side while I was drenched in sweat and miserable. I’d had enough! No matter what I do in this house, I end up sweating and not sleeping well! Ultimately, we’ve only been “talking” about upgrading the heating and air conditioning system. I’ve come to the point where I want to sleep in a different room, and use zone control heating and cooling for that room only. That way, my wife can sleep comfortably in a warm room while I can actually sleep in a comfortably cool room. Some might say that sleeping in separate rooms can cause problems in the marriage and in the relationship in the end, but so is never getting any sleep! If sleeping in a much cooler room can help me get the sleep I need so I don’t feel like a stressed out zombie, so be it! I know my wife would agree, and we wouldn’t mind having our own rooms anyway. Perhaps I’ll create a divider in our room, and run it directly over the bed – that way, I can run a portable air conditioner on my side of the bed while she has her space heater on the other side. I know that sounds a little wacked, but I’m am wacked from the lack of sleep and the constant sweating!

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