I think the air conditioner may need a fix

My son is in his junior year of high school, and he is actually involved in campus life. One may even call him popular. Last weekend was his junior prom. He was on prom court, so I went to see him at the coronation. The coronation is held in the campus auditorium. I got there early to grab a good seat. I was so excited to see my child on the stage, and as other parents and family members began to arrive, it grew quite warm inside the small auditorium. I wondered to myself if the school’s a/c unit was entirely working or was it just me that was too hot. I am nearing the age of menopause, so I may be prone to warm flashes. I hoped that it was just the campus a/c. I was not yet ready for the difficulties that came with menopause. I watched other people in the audience. Many of them were making fans out of their programs to keep somewhat cool. It was absolutely not just me, then by 2pm, the auditorium was full. It was also as warm as could be. I could not know that the school was not running it’s cooling system for this. Did they not expect several people to show up to a coronation? Was the cooling system in need of a repair? I had no idea, however just wished that I was cooler. I wanted to get a picture with my kid after coronation, however I did not want to be too sweaty. There was no chance of that happening with it as warm as it was in there.

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