I love this heater

I’ve been working as an apprentice for this general contracting firm in town for several months now.. I’ve been on house calls for all kinds of plumbing issues, serious electrical hazards and HVAC system issues. The amount of experience I’ve racked up over the past year has been invaluable for my career, as I’ve had the opportunity to develop skills outside of the classroom. See, I went to school to become an HVAC technician, but I was told after graduation from the program that a secure job would more than likely require a period of apprenticeship. The apprenticeship is a paid program, sure – but without the full time pay. I don’t quite make as much as a full-on contractor would. It can be rough when rent is due, I’ll tell you! Thankfully though, the contractor who offered me the apprenticeship has said that I’m approaching a full year of experience, at which point he will promote me to become the full-time HVAC worker I should be! I can’t wait for that day to come. First though, he said that my “final exam” will come in the form of a house call to this friend of his, who asked help for his issues with his furnace staying on. He said he’ll be watching me for the house call, and that he’s leaving the actual repairs and maintenance entirely in my hands. I’m a tad nervous about the situation – especially since this customer is a close friend of my boss! Still, I believe in my skills and my ability to quickly diagnose and solve the issue. Based on context clues, it would seem the customer’s temperature sensor could be broken, or the thermostat itself could be on the fritz. I’ll know more when we arrive, but I think I can fix this customer’s furnace and earn my spot as a real contractor!


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