How awesome is this man

My sister has been having a turbulent couple of years. First, she divorced her husband after a rocky ten years of marriage. Thankfully, they didn’t have children involved in the divorce, but she was still troubled to see so much of her life lost to that man. After the divorce, she lost her job working at this warehouse and had to move back home to stay with our mom. I can’t imagine how hard that must’ve been, but it can’t be all bad, right? Well, I actually know for sure it wasn’t all bad. See, my sister was explaining to me how she was house-sitting for my mom while she was travelling around the world. They mentioned that an HVAC technician would be coming by during the trip for a routine system check-up, and to let him in to get to work. While my sister didn’t mind having to supervise while the guy came to handle the system check-up, she got a little embarrassed because apparently he was quite the handsome man! Despite being in her late twenties, my sister still gets embarrassed when she’s around a crush. My sister continued to tell me that the two of them chatted the entire time he was over, and actually hit it off nicely. When the technician was departing, he gave my sister a business card. On the card, he listed all of his specialties, including heating and cooling, maintenance on mini-split systems, 24-hour emergency service, and other things. On the other side of the card was his professional business number… and his personal phone number! When she questioned him on this, my sister said the technician simply grinned and said, “For when you need service again – or when you feel like getting dinner sometime.” What a nice guy!

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