The first house I ever owned

So, I was able to determine what kind of heating and cooling system I want installed in my new home. Having purchased a bad-off house, I knew I had room to demolish, rebuild and otherwise change the interior of the house, so I wasn’t worried about running into any hitches with these heating and cooling systems being installed. But, I spoke too soon, because my HVAC guys reached out to me only two days into the installation. They called me at my job to say that they hit a sizeable snag that was going to delay installation, and that they required me to come see the cause of the issue and give my input. Reluctantly, I left work early to catch the contractors while they had time. They did install the evaporative cooling unit and the boiler in the basement, but the hitch was actually two situations caused by the same dilemma. First, they couldn’t install conventional fiberglass ductwork in the attic. Also, they couldn’t seamlessly install the radiant floor heating. Unfortunately, within one of the walls I gave permission to demolish is a major weight-bearing support for the whole house. It lays directly in the path of where the ductwork ran, and it was right in the middle of the room I was going to use as a guest bedroom. This meant the ducts would have to somehow snake around the beam, as would the radiant heating tubes delivering hot water from the boiler. Fortunately, the radiant heating tubes are indeed very flexible and could work around it. As for the ducts though, my contractors said I should go with high-velocity ductwork instead. It’s only two inches wide in diameter, and pushes conditioned air through the home very quickly. That sounded awesome to me!

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