A really good air cleaner

For Larry and I, church is our life. We are at church everytime there is a service and on every special occasion. My husband is actually one of the caretakers the church that we are members of now, and he is tickled that he gets to help out more than ever before. Although it’s not a full-time position in the church, we do get compensation enough for Larry to only have to work a part time job on the side. He spends the vast majority of his week at the church just because he enjoys it so much. Larry really helps with anything you can think of. There are times when he even preaches or teaches a class as well as times when he helps to fix technical problems around the building. Last Friday evening, we had a record making blizzard come through our area, and it actually did some major damage to our humble little town. Although the church was untouched by the storm, the furnace was busted. The first person the pastor called was my husband because Larry was previously an HVAC technician, and the pastor knew that he would assess the furnace and know if it was indeed fixable. Unfortunately, the furnace needed to be entirely replaced, and no store was open at the time because it was after midnight when Larry discovered this. The services were canceled for Sunday morning, and the next couple of days was spent purchasing and installing a new furnace. Although it was bad that we had to cancel services, I am so glad that Larry was able to help and get a new furnace installed so that we would certainly be ready for next week..

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