The moisture is a bit of an issue

Coming back beach house from a trip is consistently the worst kind of reality check. One day, you’re kneeling on the beach, sipping a cool drink as you bathe in the sun… & the next, you’re kneeling at your desk under glaring fluorescent lights, wondering why you came back in the first arena! Sure, we all assimilate back into our real lives, albeit easily gradually. However, I had a most difficult time changing to my life last week, as I came back from trip to find that my air conditioner broke down during my absence. My sibling was house-sitting for myself and others – or rather, he was supposed to be – & he had no proposal how or why my a/c proposal was spitting out tepid air, and fortunately, I came back to my beach house on a Thursday afternoon, & was able to call my proper heating, ventilation & air conditioner service guy for a service visit. Three afternoons later, my HVAC guy Roger came to the house & took a look at my equipment. After performing a few diagnostics on the air conditioner, & checking out the outdoor compressor & condenser, he determined that the issue was a cracked refrigerant line. I was expecting a far more drastic complication like a cracked compressor, so replacing a few tubes was a welcome alternative! Roger was able to service the refrigerant line & recharge the component with freon that day, & my air conditioner proposal was back up to speed! I’m so thankful to have someone reliable like Roger around, as I can’t imagine what other heating & air conditioner contractors might have conned myself and others into replacing in my air conditioner. Hopefully his repairs stick, & maybe I won’t come beach house to a broken air conditioner after my next trip.

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