We had plenty of time

My brother and I have been working in the HVAC industry, for about 10 years. We graduated high school a year apart from each other, and we both ended up in the same profession. I graduated first, and took a job with my best friend’s dad. He owned a small HVAC repair company, and needed someone to sweep the shop after each day’s work. While my brother finished his senior year in high school, I learned a lot about the heating and air conditioning business. When my brother graduated from high school, we both decided to take the HVAC certification course at our local Technical College. My brother and I graduated at the top of our class, and my HVAC repair company gave us both a full-time job as technicians. My brother and I have been with the same company ever since. My best friend no longer works for the company, but his dad still owns and manages our day-to-day operations. There are a total of 10 HVAC repair trucks on the road, on anyone given Tuesday. The company does almost 1 million dollars in sales each year, and my brother and I make a fortune in monthly commissions. In a few months, the owner of the company is going to retire from working each day. He is still going to run a majority of the finances, but my brother or myself is going to be the new shop manager. I don’t know which one of us he will choose, but my brother and I are trying not to fret about the decision. No matter which one of us he chooses to place in charge, we are both going to treat the business as if it were our own HVAC company.

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