I’m worried about my energy use

Last Friday was an immense laundry afternoon for me! I was sick for the major portion of last week, so I wasn’t able to do laundry on Thursday or Sunday as I usually do. It looked as if I’d be catching up in a lot of areas of my life because of that brief sickness. I was way behind in job too, but one of the most important things I forgot to take care of was scheduling our HVAC unit maintenance appointment. That has an immense impact to our home comfort levels. The last time both of us had a HVAC unit specialist inspect our old equipment, both of us were told that our HVAC unit would most likely need to be completely replaced within 3 years time. The only way to prolong this costly HVAC unit replacement was to make sure that both of us kept up with correct HVAC unit maintenance. I was supposed to make this appointment 2 weeks ago, but it had totally skipped my mind. My brief sickness made me completely forget about it until today. I suddenly dialed the phone to call the HVAC unit business I deal with as soon as I remembered the appointment. The owner picked up the telephone on the minute ring, and he looked into his HVAC unit system maintenance files. It turned out that I wasn’t late in scheduling the appointment. I sighed a breath of relief. My math was wrong! I guess that sickness made me a little more cloud headed than I thought! Now to tackle that laundry, as well as wait for the HVAC unit specialist to arrive.

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