Fabric furniture

I remember the first time I walked into someone’s house and I was totally wowed by the way the furniture and the space seemed to be made for each other.  I was in awe with the aura of the house. It seems every time I go to visit my friend, I get that same hair raising chill go up my spine. She has such an amazing eye and her taste in furniture is exquisite.  I finally asked her how she was able to do all of this designing in her home and she told me she didn’t have anything to do with it. She had hired an interior designer and she had her home furnished with custom furniture that was made for her home.  It was no wonder her house looked so amazing all of the time. It was like walking into a museum. You could smell the richness of the leather and see the quality in the workmanship. She said all she had to do was to tell the designer what it was she envisioned and they took it from there.  Walking through her home was like experiencing a seamless design. Everything blended so well that the rooms meshed from one into the other. It was the perfect atmosphere for comfort and relaxation. I likened her furniture to art, and she just laughed at me, but it was true. The furniture and the art just flow like perfectly coordinated art and it gives the vibe of artistic wonder to anyone who has the chance to take it in.  That is the feeling I get when I walk into her home.

love seat 

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