This coffee table is awesome

I have been looking for the perfect table to fill the space in my living room.  I want a small writing table, but I’m not really sure what kind of table I want.  I just know that I don’t want anything I have found in the big box stores or what is available in the multitudinous furniture stores that are in the area.  I want to have a more traditional style than what I am finding. I want real wood and not just wood veneer that is glued on top of pressed wood. I told the furniture store owner that I was looking for something more traditional and he took me to an area that ornately decorated, and huge curvy legs on the table and the chairs.  I would not have guessed this would be called traditional. Now I’m not really sure what to call the style of furniture that I am looking for. I just know that I want it to be classy and tasteful, just like my friend is. I walk into her home and everything about it cries classy. I asked her where she got her furniture and she told me about a furniture designer who builds the furniture from your own specifications.  I was excited and I couldn’t wait to talk to the custom furniture designer. I knew that I was going to have them build my table. Maybe they will be able to see the vision I have in my mind and I will finally have the table that I have been dreaming about.

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