Our couch is a strange color

I am in the part of my life where I have decided it is time to downsize.  When we were young we were busy raising our children and working. Life was often a challenge.  We needed to have a lot of space. We needed stuff and we accrued a lot of stuff. The things we accumulated needed to have someplace to be stored  We would buy furniture and clothing that weren’t of the highest quality, but it was all we could afford on what we were bringing in in pay. We had to take care of our family.  Now, our family has grown and moved away. My husband is no longer with me, and I no longer need all of this space. I don’t want to clean, heat, or even cool, such a large space.  I am no longer the harried woman who needs to rush around. I want to have a smaller home that easier to care for and I only want the best for my home. I have some items that I value.  I will need to have a place where I can store the lovely linen, china and pottery that we had inherited or purchased. I want to purchase a small cottage, but I have decided that I no longer want the mass produced furniture that holds no appeal.  I want custom made furniture that will be able to give me function and comfort. I believe that custom furniture and casegoods are the the answer for anyone who is going from large homes to smaller cottage style homes. Custom furniture designers can take the smallest of spaces and fill them with furniture that reeks of quality and charm.

custom built 

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