I wonder when my couch will be ready

I think it is important to have furniture in your house that not only suits one person, but that matches the lifestyle of every person that resides there.  When I married my wife, I was almost fifty and she had never been married. I moved her into my home, and I was suddenly looking at my furniture in a different light.  My house screamed that it was built for a man. I couldn’t figure out she could ever be comfortable, when everything was heavy and dark. It suited my lifestyle, but she needed something more feminine.  I knew the bedroom had to have a major overhaul and I was considering the living room and the dining room for having some changes done. I called the custom furniture design studio and I told them about my dilemma.  I made an appointment for my wife and I to go down to the furniture design studio and to look at some furniture and some new window and wall treatments. She was pleasantly shocked when we arrived at the design studio.  I told her I was going to get rid of the heavy dark wood and bring in something lighter and that would add an happier vibe to the house. She smiled so brightly. We had such a good time picking out fabric and designs. We chose bedding and linens for the bed.  We also picked out some new designs for the living room and the dining room. In a couple of months, it will no longer be my home, but it will be our home.

custom interior design 

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