Wrapping up my project

On my first day of heating and air conditioning School, the professor in the class asked if I was in the wrong room. It was a very sexist remark, because I am a girl. I am only five and a half feet tall, but I have a lot of fervor in me. I knew at an early age, that I wanted to work on heating and air conditioning systems. I always worshipped my dad and followed him all around the house. My dad worked for a heating and air conditioning business, and he was always working on a project in the garage. I always wanted to be like my dad, and he encouraged me to follow the heating and air conditioning business. Now that I have graduated from heating and air conditioning school, I have had a difficult time with customer reactions. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait very long for a job offer, because I don’t get taken seriously. When customers answer the door, I receive a bag of mixed emotions. Most women are surprised to see a female HVAC technician, and they want to ask a lot of questions. Most men are equally surprised, but some of them will request a male HVAC technician. The owner of our heating and air conditioning company does not send out a different technician, unless there is some type of personality conflict. A few customers have requested a male HVAC technician, but the owner of the company doesn’t take special requests. I’m happy to have a job that I love, but I wish people reacted differently to my beloved profession.

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