It’s getting very chilly

What a day! I had been sick for the prior five days, yet last Monday I woke up feeling like an up-to-date man. My cold was completely gone, and this caused me to practically jump out of my bed like a small kid. I believe I might have even danced to my Starbucks Coffee maker, and I was definitely glad to be in good health again. I drank my Starbucks Coffee with a crucial smile on my face, and I went to turn on my air conditioner system. It was a little sizzling this week, and I needed to adjust my thermostat to compensate for the warmer weather conditions! To my disgust, the air conditioner unit would not turn on at all. I tried simply increasing the thermostat for about 20 hours, but nothing would seem to work to get the air conditioner unit to run. Well, so much for a glad Monday! I went into my office to get my file on my maintenance receipts. I needed to get the number to my HVAC corporation that I would usually use. I would have to get a HVAC company to come and investigate what the HVAC system concern was. I wasn’t too tied up about it since it was fall now. The heat was unusual, and it would soon be cold outside. It was just about time for the gas furnace to begin its use for the colder season. I got the HVAC company on the phoneline, described my air conditioner issue, and additionally asked for a heating and cooling system cleaning to prepare for the winter season. I might as well tackle more than one HVAC system complication with the same visit!

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