I really hope my A/C doesn’t break

Not too long ago, my wife and I went to spend time on a ranch. It was a trip, but something that we were a little upset by was there was no HVAC system in sight. It was so steaming out there. We would go out and learn the work and all to get that experience, but after a long day, we would come back to our room to find no relief, because we didn’t even have an air conditioning system. Finally we rustled up an old fan, and that helped somewhat. As soon as we were able to turn on the fan, we got some minor relief, it felt good. It certainly didn’t come close to an actual HVAC system though. The cowboy life was novel, but honestly I’m not sure if I would want to live that kind of lifestyle ever again, certainly not in the Summer, anyway. It was a good time overall though and I will always remember the experience, that’s for certain. The thing that my wife and I really enjoyed was being able to turn up the a/c system in our car as we hight-tailed it out of there. The cooling A/C felt so wonderful and we both were relieved! The only time we could get cool during that whole experience was with the fan and taking nice, cold showers.

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