I love this cooling unit

I absolutely love my afternoon run but feeling the climbing heat indexes every single day is beginning to affect my health.  I am getting dizzier and have found that I struggle to run as far as I usually do before I get overheated and massively dehydrated.  For the first month I decided to tough it out, however after my family doctor started noticing my worsening health he urged me to stop.  He asked me if I had ever been on a treadmill before or had ever considered investing in one. I knew I had used one a handful of times when I used to go to the gym, but I definitely never went as far as wanting to buy one.  He said that with owning a treadmill, I could run inside my house in the safety of cool conditioned air. It just means thinking outside the box and choosing to put my air conditioner to good use; also, I had to admit, the sheer thought of running while seeing my tv in the background or listening to my stereo in the comfort of 68 degree air was extremely tempting.  Not only that, I soon realized it also meant I could run for longer periods of time as well as get a better workout overall if I’m in an air conditioned room. I just purchased a treadmill and now I don’t think I’m ever looking back. I can literally run at any time of the day or night, regardless of the conditions outside or anything else, really. It has a series of resistance settings and speeds as well as leaving me feeling safe in the confines of my air conditioned house in case I manage to strain a muscle or have an accident of some sort.  When the weather’s nice, it really is tough to beat a run in fresh outdoor air. The breeze is simply beautiful and the sun is like a cozy warm blanket if the intensity is just below a certain level. Even so, I am enjoying my indoor runs even more now. Like my doctor told me, it’s nice to put my HVAC system to further good use beyond just cooling and heating my house.

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