I made some big choices

After years of repeat saving I was finally at a point where I could live my dream of buying a log cabin in the woods.  When I was a young kid my parents brought me to my Grandpa’s cabin in northern Michigan often. My family spent many holidays there regardless of the minimal living conditions like the lack of running water and no air conditioner.  But none of this bothered me a bit at that age, I was ecstatic just to sleep in the very top of a bunk bed with only my sleeping bag and a good book. When I started to look at cabins for sale, I assumed I could get the same type of setup my family had.  But then my coworker asked me if I had considered having an air conditioner in my new cabin. I said no, I always figured it wasn’t necessary, especially if I knew I wasn’t going to live there full time while also knowing that the weather is mostly cool throughout the year in the area I want to buy one in.  But he told me I should reconsider by telling me a few nasty horror stories about toxic black mold slowly colonizing in cabins in the hottest and most humid summer days and the sort of damaging effect the mold has on your health after repeat exposure. He told me that having a cooling system didn’t mean I was forced to set it to a temperature to just leave it cycling 24 hours every day while I’m away.  He said I could buy and install a humidistat–it will tell the temperature control to turn the system on when the humidity inside reaches whichever number you set the dial to, regardless of how much the temperature outside affects the temperature inside. It’s only going to kick on once the humidity rises above the number you set the dial to. I’m so happy I listened to my coworker, it’s fantastic to have an air conditioner to turn on when I arrive for my semi-regular fishing trips and it’s also nice to rest assured knowing the climate in my cabin is controlled for mold when I’m not there.

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