Fixing the plumbing system

My mother taught me some pretty helpful household tips as a child. I was taught to never touch car windows, mirrors or anything reflective with fingertips, because it leaves smudges behind.  Then looks dirty and requires cleaning.  Mom showed me the many uses for baking soda.  It is the most amazing stuff ever. Baking soda is necessary to cook with, useful for cleaning and can even combat smells. The best thing mom warned about, was what I empty down the drains. There are certain, natural things that are beneficial for the drains. My mother would compost all food scraps and the debris made a brown tea. The tea  isn’t for consumption, but is wonderful for cleaning out drains and aiding septic. However, compost tea reeks and caused our whole house as well as plumbing drains to stink for over a week.  I’ve heard potato water is also good for cleaning out the pipes, but that smells unpleasant too. I learned that dumping any type of fat or grease is a problem for plumbing. The reason grease is harmful is because of the potential for buildup in the pipes. The grease could lead to slow moving drains or even a major blockage in the pipes that can only be handled by a licensed plumber. Even worse is that the grease could also ruin sewer lines. Once you have an issue with the sewer and septic system, then you have an expensive project to deal with! Pouring grease or fat down the pipes is just asking for major sewer line concerns. The grease could even damage components of the drainage system to the point that they need to be replaced.  That’s a disruptive plumbing repair. So every time I cook, I am careful to never dump anything risky down the sink.


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