Sitting under the AC vent

When I was pregnant I was miserable. I live in the south and it is so hot here! As if that wasn’t bad enough it was in the dead of summer, to be outside was torture. Lucky for me my A/C worked great. I made it crank, non stop. I am not exaggerating, I kept our lake house set on 67 degrees. My poor partner walked around with three layers of clothes in the lake house while I was perfectly comfortable in my shorts. When people came over, he would warn them to bring sweaters, they would laugh because it was July. All he would say was, “don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Sure enough, they would come over to visit and to see the progress on the nursery and they would shiver the whole time they were here. I  told them to stop being so dramatic. I refused to change the temperature control. I was so comfortable, and this was the only locale in the world where I had complete control over my environment. I couldn’t ask stores and restaurants to change their temperature controls to accommodate 9-month pregnant woman. I loved how well my Heating as well as Air Conditioning system worked, so I never wanted to leave! Rest assured, once the two of us went to the hospital to have the baby, and returned home with our little boy, I walked into the frigid tundra my partner had been enduring all this time. I suddenly ran to the temperature control, turned the temperature to a nice 73 degrees. Then I asked him why the lake house was so cold? He merely rolled his eyes and said he was ecstatic to have me back to normal.

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