Indoor comfort is important

My mom asked me to visit his this weekend so we could talk about the upcoming birthday celebration we’re planning for my dad.  I made sure I had some pants and a jacket ready when I got dressed that day, they say when you get older, you are more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Older people are always wearing tons of layers even though it’s 79 degrees outside. Not my mom,  she has turned into the complete opposite, her house is set on 68 degrees pretty much year around, and during the Summer, when every one of us all come over and help on the yard, it’s quite enjoyable. When it’s the fall though and she needs the AC on, does it really need to be set on 68? Every time I come over she asks why I am all bundled up?  Every time I tell her it’s because her house is cold. She is sitting there in shorts and a t-shirt and I look like I’m about ready to go skiing. I will say that her AC works perfectly though. When she is not looking, I turn it up to 74 so I can defrost and it takes about an hour for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system to kick back on. 74 degrees is nice, it is comfortable when it’s 73 degrees outside. I always notice because she starts complaining that it’s hot. She suddenly turns the thermostat back down to her comfortable 68 degrees and I throw my jacket back on. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like  in many years. Will the air conditioner be on constantly or will she be like the other seniors who have the heat on in the Summer?

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