When is that happening?

I work as a  sales person at a department store. I find my job interesting, despite the few clients who come in to do everything else except make a purchase… When a child swipes a bar of candy, it is not satisfactory but everybody understands that. We were all children at one time; However, when a man steals socks and hides it in his child’s backpack, that’s bad. That doesn’t happen a lot and for that I am grateful. What does happen almost always, is customer complaints.  People complain about everything in the store, from the lighting, to the prices, to the temperature.

            The store has a new commercial HVAC system which supplies excellent air quality to every department. Whenever I enter that store, I can feel the huge difference between the A/C air inside and the hot, harsh air I just left outside! So I truly don’t understand these complaints. One Summer day, a customer went as far as to enter our utility room and try to interfere  with our HVAC unit. Fortunately, one of our A/C specialists happened to be close by and saw him. That guy could have absolutely wrecked our entire HVAC system, had he not be stopped in time. What was behind his move? He felt hot and wanted to adjust the control component to a cooler setting, he said. Fool! No thermostat was even near the utility room.

              After that incident, management opted to have a HVAC system with zone control installed, so that each department could set and control its own temperature levels. That seems to have helped for those complaints have lessened considerably..  

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