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I have somewhat of a temper and it always bites me right in the butt. I get especially mad when I work on a project around our home! One time I was setting up some drywall but I kept cutting the pieces wrong. I ended up tossing a piece right out the window I was so pissed off. I then was that single piece short so had to get this dirty, busted piece of drywall back. I frequently throw my tools, punch materials or punish a unit that is not correctly working.  When a person is working with Heating, Ventilation, & A/C, this is not a great quality to have. My fiance Barb wanted to put in a ductless mini split cooling system set up in the kitchen. The ductless AC was to be sealed in the kitchen so she could have cooling while she cooked. The air conditioning wouldn’t affect the rest of our home’s air temperature this way. The installation of the ductless mini split is supposed to be straight-forward, since you have an outdoor air compressor outside on an exterior wall. The inside unit is installed on the wall inside. You then drill a small hole, feed wires plus refrigeration tubes then the AC unit is all set up. I of course, got into some problems with it. I kept having trouble feeding all the tubing through the wall. They kept going either the wrong way or getting clogged up. I ended up getting so cranky that I whipped this ductless air conditioning across the kitchen. It is broken now plus Barb is real, real mad at me.  She now has a busted AC unit plus is out the money.

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