The electric heater really does work

Summer, thats my best time during the year. Great stuff i get to do, and lots of fun. I love the non-stop family gatherings & barbeques. my love for summer is uncomparable! The moment our young folks get out of school, all of us go out to our Summer house at the beach, however every year all of us are able to go for quite some time, It’s possible for my parents since they can work anywhere, however the only bad moments of Summer is when we are leaving.There’s  quite a lot during this particular stage of our journey. There is the leaving part & the cleanup that goes along with it! My parents are hardcore when it comes to cleanup. They don’t take in the age factor & all of us all have to participate. My parents always remind us of our Heating & A/C service. Our Dad would always point out the resources used when buying it and thus the need for proper care during the year. He says he will make sure it lasts as long as all of us do! He has taught us all about the correct cleaning of the air vents & stripping out the air filters. I have to admit, I was pretty surprised how dirty they could get after some months of usage. Mom explains to us, that is how dirty the air can become at the ocean! My siblings are in charge of cleaning out the HVAC duct. They are just delighted that they only have to do it once a year, because it is quite a task. If all of us do all of these things consistently,  we often get away with annual service. Mom is consistently so proud of how the Heating & A/C serviceman raves how clean our plan is when they carry along their scheduled annual repair.. I assume she would be glad if just one of us went into the Heating & A/C business!

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