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I work part-time at my cousin’s RV park. He plus I both grew up here, watching people traveling through on their way somewhere, on car or RV trips; that kind of thing. Once in awhile we would see people who will stay for awhile. Folks who stay at the RV park are usually friendly, polite, and neighborly. This allows the RV park to be lenient on their rules. Once in a while people try to push the rules and regulations. There was a couple staying multiple nights. The couple had more than one dog traveling with them and when they left to explore the area they would run more than one cooling system to keep the dogs cool. We were unaware, at first, that the couple were running multiple units. They rented a site that ran thirty amps so using more than one cooling system was way too much for that site. That afternoon they were off exploring and the breaker blew causing the cooling system to turn off inside the camper. This caused the dogs to carry on while the couple was gone and when they returned the dogs continued to bark. The couple complained to me about the situation! I explained that running more than one cooling system units were too much for a thirty amp site, plus they should have paid closer attention to our regulations when choosing a site. Of course they weren’t too gleeful about that. They pitched a fit at me over it. Just goes to show that the poor eggs ruin it for the rest of the campers.

HVAC tune-up 

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