Servicing the heater

I really love camping, but I’ve been going on camping trips since I was a little boy. I have constantly been really in love with nature, which is unquestionably why I am constantly willing to overlook all of the inconveniences of camping that other people are not. I didn’t realize this for a long time, not until I took my best buddy camping with me. It was a lot of work even convincing him at first. Then I had to make some concessions to our camping trip. For instance, I needed to have a way to heat the tent while both of us were there.  The temperature outside was appealing during the day but the nighttime had a tendency to become a bit cold, and he was focused that our sleeping bags wouldn’t be enough. I knew better but still I agreed to look into some sort of gas furnace. I purchased the perfect small space gas furnace that could be run from a multitude of power sources, making it the perfect camping accessory. That first night I pulled the furnace out he was obviously skeptical of the tiny little heater’s power to keep him warm by the look on his face. However, we didn’t even need it that night. The temperature outside didn’t drop below fifty, and the sleeping bags were rated for much lower hot and cold temperatures. Both of us were nice and cozy in the tent. I ended up turning the little space gas furnace off to not  waste power and when he woke up he was shocked to find the space gas furnace off. My friend was going to complain first thing about it being turned off but was surprised how nice and comfortable he was that he didn’t really have a leg to stand on in that confrontation. He decided it was better to just not go there, for which I was grateful.

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