Servicing the cooling unit

Last December, my family and I got away from our crazy lives for a ten-day well needed vacation over the holidays. The four of us chose a well located hotel that walking distance from the beach, that way all of us could enjoy the warm weather, white stone sand and the ocean breeze. Because of the convenience of the location, the hotel was super extravagant. Despite the cost, it did not provide all that numerous amenities that it should have. There was no on-site swimming pool, laundry facilities, fitness room, diner or bar, plus the wireless internet was slow and extremely unreliable. My whole family was glad that there was a enjoyable a/c unit installed into the room. The cooling component was small, no doubt an older model and appeared to be in rough condition, however it operated just fine. That little HVAC unit was sufficient to cool the entire room to the perfect temperature within minutes. It took care of an even temperature, despite the outside humidity, all through the night. The few downfalls the unit was that the unit made a ton of noise whenever it cycled on, continuously leaked condensate onto the floor, so there was consistently a wet spot. The four of us enjoyed the ability to regulate the speed of the a/c between high and low. We were also able to adjust the fan speed, plus even customize humidity levels. After a long day at the beach without any type of shade from the sun, it was such a relief to step inside our cool hotel room. We no longer cared about the limited supply of warm water in the shower or the toilet that barely flushed correctly. We were perfectly fine with the broken coffee maker, stains on the carpet and the super small cable television. The two of us were totally pleased with the location of the hotel with the powerful, reliable, yet small a/c unit.

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