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Having a cooling system quit while in the middle of the summer time is such a down fall to summer time fun. There are quite a few things that can go wrong with a cooling system, however many of them can be quickly resolved. I have received some teachings to check a few of the basics before I call for an upscale repair from an HVAC professional and spend money. I start by inspecting the settings as well as batteries of the thermostat. The thermostat controls the cooling system, as well as discrepancies in settings could be the reason the equipment fails to start up. There might also be an issue with the wiring, causing an electrical interruption between the cooling unit as well as the thermostat. The next step is to make sure I haven’t neglected basic service that is needed. congested air filter, congested air vents or obstructions such as leaves as well as yard debris around the outdoor unit can lead to insufficient airflow.  This would then result in much longer cycles, inadequate cooling as well as much higher monthly energy bills. Simple as well as quick cleaning is well needed to resolve the problem. However, if the cooling system is no longer supplying chilly air, it may require a refrigerant charge. This is something that I leave up to an HVAC professional. I also call for the services of a licensed specialist to handle repairs to the condenser fan or compressor. By having a qualified HVAC professional inspect the cooling system sometime in the Springtime, I hope to avoid malfunctions while in the summer. Most of the time, minor as well as potential problems are identified as well as corrected before they graduate into a sudden breakdown or worse. The specialist thoroughly cleans out all components, verifies refrigerant charges, tightens connections, lubricates moving parts as well as restores the cooling system to peak performance .

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