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A few years ago my family moved to a small town in central Texas where just two main things are sacred, high school football season and barbeque.  I had grown up in the southeastern part of the country where barbeque was a staple of mankind, however I had never had barbeque as fantastic as that until the two of us and our kids moved to that little Texas town! There were several restaurants in town plus even a few in trucks on the outskirts of town. I was consistently fond of the odor of mesquite plus brisket as the two of us drove by them in our car. There was one particularly popular restaurant that had poor exhaust hoods and ventilation so you consistently left wreaking of smoke, and when they got a new HVAC system installed that filtered out the smoke, it was so popular it was on the local news. The new AC and exhaust system had ductwork that was exposed on the ceiling, which provided the venue with a new industrial look. There were new air vents that helped draw smoke out of the building plus filtered it outside. The new ducting had stainless steel vents that delivered the cool air from the HVAC throughout the restaurant; and not only was the venue totally smoke free now, it was also a lot more cool and comfortable to hang out in there and munch on their excellent food! Before the new HVAC system the smoke would heat the venue up so much that it was uncomfortable at times to sit in there, especially in the summer months when that Texas heat was burning at full force. Now my family finally enjoys going there about once a month to experience some fantastic food while beating the Texas heat.

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