I find this all to be confusing

Can I return a Heating and A/C unit? I just obtained a heat pump system however I don’t want it anymore. I was told that this heat pump can supply both heating plus cooling, and the heat pump does supply A/C like a champ. The heat pump is absolutely lacking in its heat function though. The heat pump is only effective in temperatures as down to 40 degrees. I am living in the north, however, and our Fall the temperature is in the 40s. In the Winter time we get down to -10 degrees, and my heat pump system is sadly going to be useless during that time. I did not know the heat pump was bad at heating when I purchased it however. I got it put in and used it all this Summer, and now that it is getting cooler, I need a new Heating and A/C system. I am wondering, will the Heating and A/C business take the heat pump back? Every guy I talk to over phone tries to sell me a dual fuel system, that apparently you combines a heat pump with an oil furnace. This is really made for northern home owners that want energy efficient AC in the Summer. Then, after Summer, the oil furnace powers on. The system changes from electric to oil which is apparently more efficient than a regular Heating and A/C model. I am not interested in this though. I was told the heat pump I obtained would serve as 1 system. I don’t want to purchase a whole other unit for heating. I would have got a separate oil furnace plus a seperate a/c unit if I knew that was the case. I recognize I deserve a refund because nobody told me heating a house in the north with a single heat pump system is not done.

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