Everyone in here is sick

I have a job in an office building with barely any windows. I honestly loathe our job space. I have been here for just over a decade, and it’s an amazing job with fantastic benefits. I actually love my colleagues, too. I am not a fan of the cubicle job space and the lack of windows or fresh air, but, I have figured out that you just need to accept that which you cannot change. There are a lot of people without job these nights, so I am grateful for a job. Recently, there was some kind of sickness going around the office, and people were dropping like flies. At first we thought it was a flu bug going around, but an intern recommended we check our HVAC systems first. We thought that was a strange thing to suggest. It turns out that his father has a Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, and he did a summer season internship there. He installed heating and cooling units before coming to our business, and he honestly wanted to give the Heating and Air Conditioning install service a try for his father. In the end, he honestly hated everything about it. That said, he knew what he was talking about and recommended that our air filters could be corroded and causing germs to just recirculate through the air. This happened whenever the air conditioning was flipped on. I want to forget about how much I did not want to suppose about the recycled air and germs that I somehow didn’t suppose about until now. I realized I never did see any Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance come and check on our HVAC system. When the Heating and Air Conditioning team arrived, the air filters were the first thing they ran tests on.

HVAC filter 

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