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Everyone remembers the first time (or maybe the only time) they had to deal with an infestation of some kind. My parents always talked about how there was this bizarre infestation of bees at our house, which happened when I was still a baby. Several of my friends had to fight off an infestation of rats at their home on more than one occasion. For me, I dealt with a real nightmare in my first home. It started when a severe storm came through the area, and left many without power. I didn’t have electricity, so no TV or air conditioning for over a week. After power was restored and I could run my air conditioning system again, I had my first encounter with a very angry hornet in my kitchen. Later that day, another one showed up in my bedroom. The moment of terror came when i was in my bathroom and turned on the exhaust fan. At first it sounded like the fan was grinding against something, but it was actually a swarm of hornets coming out of the fan! Imagine this happening while you’re confined to the toilet – not my proudest moment. After calling pest control to come immediately and remove the bugs, I promptly scheduled a duct cleaning for my apartment with a local HVAC contracting group. Two service technicians came out to clean the ductwork in my apartment that day, and one of them had a big can of pesticide sticking out of his tool bag. As the HVAC technicians cleaned out the ducts, they were able to locate the remains of a small nest. Quickly coating the nest down in pesticide to kill any surviving bugs, the technicians removed the nest and discarded it when they were done with the duct cleaning. I was so thankful for these guys coming. Not only did they ensure the air quality in my house was improved, but  they also made sure my place was clear of these angry little bugs!

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