A great cooling system

As i graduated from grad school last year I was able to secure a job in my career right away. This is unusual as most college graduates find it difficult to find their way into their own careers. I was making six figure sums with the first year and after years in tiny apartments and dorms for quite a while my first big investment was a condo. This was my first nice destination to live since I left home. All of my dorms had electric baseboards without a central thermostat. The apartments we had lived in all had either an old furnace or an old gas stove. So my home has not been particularly warm for years, I was looking for something that had an extremely different HVAC method. The place that i decided on had something identified as a ductless mini split system. I had never heard with this but i was ready to test it out because it could not be worse than the systems I had previously had. So basically all a ductless split system is, is a tiny furnace that could be set in a ceiling or maybe a wall and provide the heating and cooling needs for a single room. So this in turn creates a zone control system because each room had their own thermostat. I was skeptical at first as anyone would be but it was nice and I was pleasantly surprised. These mini splits maintain rooms perfectly heated and cooled. There are many things about my new condo that i absolutely love, but I feel that having an effective HVAC system is my favorite thing.

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