I bet a smaller heater would save money

The invention of the smart thermostat has to be one of the better inventions to come out for the current digital age. This Marvel in HVAC technology has changed the way we consume energy. While they can be not widely accessible as of now due to pricing, they will soon be in a growing number of homes throughout America. Just like any technology it’s expensive at first but as it grows the costs come down. This particular part of HVAC systems is changing the way we save energy because the unnatural intelligence and machine learning of these thermostats. So the smart thermostat since you use it gathers information about your HVAC preferences. Through this gathering of information with the ability to deduct your behavior. So over time it will know when you want the house warm and when you need the house cold. It will learn when to conserve energy and when to make use of it. These smart thermostats will not make mistakes whenever you leave for work in the morning the system will go on standby and conserve energy because it knows you are not there. We all try to save on our energy consumption but as in anything regarding science we usually are fallible. The human error in things will almost always be present and with a limited flow of energy on our planet today any scenario that we can do to conserve it might make all the difference. Because of this I think that it should be a top priority to get smart thermostats standardized. Every home needs to have a smart thermostat to restrain their energy consumption.

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