I’m happy about the furnace

I’m not one to complain much, and I would say I am pretty easy-going. It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers. However, I nearly lost my cool a few weeks ago when I had to stay in a hotel that did not have an air conditioner. When I got to my room, I noticed that the air conditioner was making loud noises, so I went over to inspect it. As soon as I adjusted the control unit, it turned off completely. I figured that the hotel staff would be able to repair the problem, so I gave them a call. After telling them about the air conditioner, they assured me that they would send up a repair staff member very soon. To give them space and time to get the cooling system fixed, I stepped out to have dinner. When I returned, the air conditioner had not been fixed. I asked the staff again what had gone wrong, and turns out they never even sent the notice to the repair man. They said he had already left for the night, so there was nothing they could do. They had no other room to put me in either, so I was forced to sleep in a room that was too hot. I was so frustrated the next afternoon, that I demanded a full refund on my stay. After the front desk lady refused to do it, I demanded to see a manager. I was so mad. How could I be expected to sleep in a room that didn’t have an air conditioner. I realize that mistakes happen, but they should have given a notice to the repair man at least.

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