I have control of the temperature

I’ve put in my time plus paid good currency to live the way I do.  I want for nothing. Not trying to brag here, just the truth. The career in law that I have experienced has been fraught with sacrifice.  So, I if I want to own a particular antique, I most undoubtedly will; I get my way now. My new home in the town is a designers dream. I have a walk in closet which contains its own jewelry closet.  I get the best although I also take care of it. I have two other men as my assistants. And, it looks as though I may have to fire at least one of them. Having just returned from six weeks abroad, I came back to my condo, to be greeted by  an 87 degree slap in the face. The heating and A/C had been turned off. I was hoping against hope it had not been off long. The assistants take their two month trips during our travels. But, someone is consistently supposed to check on my rare antiquities.  Once I brought up the lights, I knew it was disappointing news. The sight of mildew hit me and my partner just as its pungent smell touched our noses. The heating and A/C system must stay on to maintain the proper humidity levels. This is a must. Now, I am seeing hints of mildew on far too numerous of things.  If the heating and A/C is not left on, I could undoubtedly well be looking at thousands upon thousand of dollars in damage to antiques alone. My first call will be to our assistants asking them to join myself and my partner at our home. The next call will be to a deep cleaning crew to salvage what they can. But, first perhaps I’ll turn on the air conditioner.  I want to be sure the heating and A/C is on when the boys get here.

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