this heater is worrying me

I travel for a living, as I am a travel writer for a blog. I think it doesn’t sound like a real work, but it certainly is a really fun job to have. I get to travel around the world for free. All of our expenses are paid for as well as I get a writing salary on top of it all. I have visited almost every place in the world of our nearly more than one decades of having this work. I find it fascinating to watch Americans in foreign countries, as they seem to not understand that they aren’t in America anymore. They often expect to have the same items available to them over here, and they don’t stop to ever consider that it might not be possible. The worst one to contend with is the European heating and cooling devices. Their Heating devices consist of an extra down comforter on the bed, and the A/C devices are a ceiling fan as well as a window to open. I am being very serious. There is a reason why Europeans are so relaxed, calm, as well as not in the same kind of debt that Americans struggle with on a daily basis. They know the easy life, and they live it well. They just don’t get caught up. Sure enough, every hotel I stay in I can hear the arguing ensue for wanting their own personal Heating, Ventilation & A/C systems in their rooms, then some of the fancier hotels certainly have heating, ventilation & A/C, but you really pay through the roof for these extras. Then there are even some hotels that put personal furnaces as well as air conditionings in only more than one of their rooms for the annoying Americans who regularly ask. It’s pretty funny if you ask me. If you are going to travel the world, you have to be prepared to go with the flow.


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