There aren’t enough jobs

I live in what you could call a mixed community. What that means is that there is a wide diversity in the income levels of the residents.Though many drive to job or school, quite a few rely on the bus. While some residents own plus use Heating plus Air Conditioning system, others control indoor temperatures using, fans, window A/C units, plus space heating systems while I was in Winter. Fortunately, the differences in what the two of us possess, has no effect on our relationships as neighbours.

       There is an home on the street next to mine, which has box A/C machines in most of the windows. A few weeks ago, I visited an seasoned friend living in a single of these apartments, plus I was truly pleasantly surprised by the quality of her indoor air. The window A/C unit was blasting cool, comforting air into the room in which the two of us sat, while a ceiling fan turned slowly on its lowest setting. I suppose it is amazing how any kind of Heating plus Air Conditioning proposal can transform a modest space into an incredibly cozy home. It also reinforces the point that people can find enjoyment in what they are able to afford, separate from the stress of reaching out for things which are beyond their financial abilities.. What would be the point in having a pricy Heating plus Air Conditioning unit in your home, while you are consistently upset about not making your yearly payments on that unit? The person with ceiling fans, window A/C plus no worries, would be a much happier person.

      So not “biting off more than you can chew”, not “hanging your hat higher than you can reach it”, plus living within your means, are good concepts to live by.

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