I renovated my entire house

My husband and I bought an up-to-date apartment a few years ago. The apartment was actually nice, and it was in a wonderful town. There are multiple elementary schools in close proximity, and there are a few weird playgrounds that are local, also! We were both happy to make the move, and we were even more happy to finally buy our dream house. Our apartment has multiple bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. The master bedroom has a beautiful master bathroom that is complete with a jetted tub and radiant heated floors. My husband and I had never experienced the warmth from radiant heated floors before, so that was a really cool experience. The heated flooring is in all of the full bathrooms. Each bathroom has a corresponding control unit, and that unique unit controls the temperature of the heated floor system in the bathroom. The radiant heated floors have been a wonderful addition for the Wintertime, as the people I was with and I are consistently experiencing below cold temperatures. The radiant heated floors are especially nice because it is an extremely energy efficient way for us to heat those areas. When the apartment was originally built, there was heated flooring throughout the entire home. Over the last decade, the last apartment owners removed all of the heated flooring, except for in the bathrooms. The rest of the apartment is outfitted with a generic heating and cooling system. My husband and I care about the radiant heated floors in the bathroom, and the people I was with and I don’t understand why someone would have removed all of the heated flooring throughout the house. Luckily, the people I was with and I can still take satisfaction in the perks of radiant heated floors in our bathrooms.

heated flooring 

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