The driveway heating system

My husband and partner going on a decade just got the promotion he’s been anticipating for over a year. I’m so excited for him; he’s been putting in quality work and negotiating a lot of big deals for his firm. Fortunately, his dedication has paid off in a big way. Not only is he getting a sizable raise and a more expansive office, but they also gave him a bonus! Apparently, they had decided to give him one anyway to celebrate his tenth year at the firm, but upon reviewing his recent hard work they tripled it! He was ecstatic; he told me it was all he could do to smile and not whoop and click his heels in front of the CEO of the marketing agency. When he came home, his first words were, “That’s it, we’re never dealing with ice again!” This is code for, my hubby is putting his bonus towards fighting his most hated season–winter. We’ll need to park in the street for a few weeks while the HVAC company comes in and breaks up the driveway to install the radiant heater system beneath it, but that’s no sweat. We’ll be able to sleep in together on work days instead of putting up with the ice in the mornings. The best part is that the radiant heater system they’re putting in can be attached to our current gas boiler. This has saved us buckets on the heated driveway, as we only need to extent the lines to the new radiant heater system, rather than purchase a whole new boiler. The heating and air conditioning company has even spoke to us of a great driveway business to give us a better driveway top than we had before.

radiant heating

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